Meet Our Team

Andrea Heydinger Client Service Representative

Born and raised right here in Kansas City, Andrea comes to us with a background in marketing and service teams. She enjoys her morning coffee to start the day and is extremely passionate about making sure others have the necessary tools they need to succeed. Andrea loves her children and would do anything just to put a smile on their faces. You can find her playing with her kids or binge watching Netflix when she isn't at work.

Andy Brown Sales Agent

Andy is one cool cat. His laid back personality will put you at ease we’re certain. Andy employs his experience in the worlds of property management and accounting to provide insurance solutions that are just right for you. His kind nature is evident in the way he supports his colleagues, family and friends, and we’re not surprised he has volunteered at homeless shelters and food kitchens. From his scooter to sedan days, the descriptor “dependable” has always been synonymous with Andy Brown.

Angie Havens CARe Coordinator

Angie is beyond excited to have joined the NREIG team as a CARe Coordinator. She is amazed at the support of all the team members during her training process and enjoys coming to work every day. She moved to Kansas City from Philadelphia and couldn’t believe there were real live cows on the side of the road. Angie is a Kansas City Royals fan for life and is very proud of her three strong, beautiful, and hilarious children; her number ones.

Anita Burleson Client Service Representative

This positive, vibrant young lady is passionate about work, family and soccer! She spends most of her free time either at Sporting KC games with the family or watching her two teenage boys play club soccer. Anita says that sometimes it feels like she lives at soccer fields and visits home. Being raised in a military family, she is known for her honesty and hard work. Anita is very happy to be a part of NREIG and believes she’s found the company she would like to retire from, but many, many years from now.

Audrey Krawczyk Client Service Representative

Growing up in Independence, Missouri, Audrey grew up with a love for the outdoors. Hiking and fishing are her top activities, but also enjoys hunting deer, turkey, and rabbit. Audrey can go from mud to makeup in 2.5 seconds. Recently, she has been working on obtaining an insurance license to be able to advise clients on their coverage options. Outside of work, Audrey finds herself hunting on her family acreage in Rockville, MO and dreaming of owning her own small farm someday.

Barb Fleming Sales Liaison

What do you like most about working at AGM? The atmosphere here is amazing – managers are always doing something nice to show appreciation for their employees. From little surprises left on our desks to the Office Olympics.

What are you most passionate about personally? My family. I have two boys, 15 and 13. My life revolves around being a mom to not only my kids, but their friends. Our house is the hangout house - warm cookies and hot cocoa in the winter and ice-cold slushies in the summer.

Barb Phillippe Client Service Representative

What is the one thing that makes a company “Great”? I have worked for five Fortune 100 companies and value the learning and experience I acquired while working with them. The time I have spent with these companies has shown me the importance that each employee plays in making a company Great!!

What are your biggest professional accomplishments? I have my Real Estate License to go with my Insurance License.

What are you the most passionate about professionally? I like helping others, and when I get those panic calls, and I can turn a negative into a positive, it's a good day for me!

Brittany Burge Team Support

Brittany grew up in Kansas City, calling Gladstone her hometown.  She wanted to better herself after waitressing and was referred to NREIG by a current employee.  Brittany is willing to learn, determined to excel, and wants to do the absolute best she can.  Brittany is our “Geek” girl in the office, she loves to cosplay and attend conventions. She wishes one day to be a part of the 501st Legion, who dedicate their time to create costumes and visit children in the hospital all at their own expense. Brittany loves her coffee and taking her son to the movies to watch the newest awesome kid movie.  Brittany wants nothing more than to have and actual Tardis as her other mode of transportation.

Brooke Honeycutt National Sales Advisor

While teaching classes at Title Boxing Club, Brooke met her current boss which lead her here to NREIG! She is passionate about connecting with people across the country and constantly working to educate herself and others. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of her biggest joys in life as it is the most challenging activity, mentally and physically, that she has ever done. Brooke likes to spend time at the gym or with her dog when she's not at work.

Christina Sisco Lead Sales Liaison

Christina is a Lead Sales Liaison and is also a professional cake maker. Her artistic skills show up in everything around her, from her pen caddy to the paintings at her desk. Besides exercising her creativity, Christina enjoys helping people. For years she worked on the Crisis Line and as a Hospital Advocate for the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Abuse. Now she helps investors to get started with insurance to protect their valuable real estate assets.

Coeta Tibbets Communications Specialist

This Kansan girl is a huge traveler! In fact, Coeta and her husband just returned from a fall foliage tour of New England where they visited Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and many other beautiful states. Coeta has a big family including her 84 first cousins, and her house is full of visitors on weekends. She spent many years volunteering as a community leader for a national youth development program that teaches responsibility, involvement and character building. Coeta wants to grow with the company and continue to take on new challenges.

Connie Delgado Hartman Client Relations Manager

Connie is highly liked by her co-workers. Her fellow Team Leaders say that she is an excellent colleague to have and she is always there to help the other teams without hesitation! Backed by her 14 years of title claims experience, Connie is a standout leader and key resource. She is dedicated to knowing every detail of NREIG, but says she would be lost without her dual monitors. In her free time, if she isn’t spending time with family, you may very well find her engaged in a good book. Ask her about her latest favorite!

Cory Neugebauer Sales Agent

Cory’s approach to working with clients is to educate so they can make their own decisions when it comes to purchasing insurance. He firmly believes in the motto “the right product sells itself.” This calm mannered guy is also a big time sports fan who doesn’t miss an opportunity to wear a jersey in support of his favorite teams on spirit days at work. Baseball, football, basketball – Cory knows it all. Most importantly Cory is a true gentleman and a father to two beautiful girls. He loves taking them to their activities and watching them grow.

Danielle Coyne Client Service Representative

Danielle recently transitioned to this new role and we’re sure she won’t stop climbing. She still wants to earn a degree in Business Management to propel her even further at NREIG. Danielle works hard on the weekends too, helping animals find their fur-ever home by volunteering at an animal shelter. She also could not imagine life without her coffee and books. Her favorite read is a series by George R. Martin, called A Song of Ice and Fire. Let her know if you read it too!

Elizabeth Van Bibber Client Service Representative

Elizabeth has had several positions within the company and knows many aspects of NREIG, which makes her the perfect candidate to work directly with clients. Elizabeth loves movies and television, as well as connecting with her coworkers. She previously was a teacher for young children. When she is not at work, you can find Elizabeth at a Chiefs or a Royals game.

Erica Ambrose Underwriting Assistant

What are you most passionate about professionally? I am passionate about what I do every day and the company I work for. I’ve been with NREIG when we were a lot smaller and it has been amazing to witness such growth.

Where can we find you when you aren't working? Target. It’s a sickness.

What do you like most about your job? I have to make difficult decisions when it comes to risk assessment, but I love the challenge.

Erika Whitten Client Service Representative

As a part of the service team, Erika manages all aspects of select accounts, from helping start coverage to removing coverage off of client's account. Unlike her process-oriented role, she’s pretty spontaneous. Her favorite activity is to jump in a car with her family and drive somewhere new. The volunteer project coordinator for NREIG, Erika has helped us to “seize the day” by leading us in several projects to benefit the community. She strongly believes that it only takes a little effort to recognize the opportunities and blessings around us.

Erin Showman Billing Specialist

Where can we find you when you aren't working? I am either out running an obstacle course, or at Kauffman Stadium at a Royals or Chiefs game.

Any volunteer activities you’re crazy about? I volunteer with KCOCR. I help get the name out about our group, and work to find more fun people to come run with us.

What are you most proud of professionally? I am very close to finishing my bachelor's degree in accounting and becoming an expert in my field.

Gale Hunt Account Manager

Pick any fantasy league and chances are, Gale is already in it. He knows that life is short and tries to take advantage of every opportunity to stay active and spend lots of time with his family. His favorite thing to do is taking his son to play t-ball and many other sports activities. At work he is known to be upbeat and accurate, which made him a perfect fit for working on and testing the new chat system and becoming a chat CSR.

Hannah Evanson Client Service Representative

Hannah enjoys coming to work and learning something new every day. She is now a licensed insurance agent working as a client service representative. Hannah comes from a career in healthcare and was looking for a change. She is passionate about her community and volunteers with the Lathrop Friendship Festival Committee. Hannah wants to be the best she can be and encourages others to do the same. Hannah also enjoys spending time with her nephews and plans to adopt in the future.

Hayle Welsh Quality Control Representative

Describe Hayle in one word? Ambitious. Comfortable with the fast track, she earned the title of store manager when she was just 21. Part of the secret to Hayle’s success is her drive to help others. You can bet her twin sister will be cheering her on as she climbs even higher here at Affinity. Hayle isn’t all work and no play though. She likes to spend her downtime at the lake with friends and her two dogs, a Boxer named Tyson (yes, we got the pun Hayle) and a Black Lab named Callen.

Jacki Sharitz Quality Control Representative

What are your professional goals? This company provides many opportunities for growth and I never want to stop!

What are you most passionate about personally? My family is my world. They're the reason I wake up and do what I do. I can't stop thinking about how to make my family’s life more enjoyable.

If you could have one super power what would it be and why? Flying! It would be cool to be able to fly to all the different places in the world.

Jacqui Price Client Service Representative CommercialGuard

Jacqui is originally from Monroe City Missouri, but now lives in Kansas City. When not at work, Jacqui is typically chasing around her two children. She loves spending time with her family and watching Cardinals baseball games and Chiefs football games. Jacqui is passionate about helping clients with their insurance needs and educating them about their policies and exposures.

Jason Jones Underwriting Manager

Even though Jason received a Master’s degree in Information Systems he chose a path in the insurance industry and now has almost 15 years’ experience. Joining NREIG was a no-brainer for Jason as it’s a member of the top 100 fastest growing companies and gives him room to grow. This Renaissance man is a self-taught graphics designer who can create your next invitation or flyer, but also loves spending time with his family and playing sports. He even coaches youth sports from time-to-time.

Jennie Haskett Client Service Representative

How did you arrive at working for NREIG? I was ready for a career change and I am so glad I went for it! I love working for this agency.

Where did you grow up? I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and I'm still here! I actually bought and remodeled my childhood home and it's where I'm currently raising my family. It's a great place to live and I'm fortunate my children get to enjoy it as well.

Where can we find you when you aren’t working? When I'm not working, you can typically find me at my children's events, or simply enjoying our downtime together as a family.

Jessica Brockman Client Service Representative

Jessica strives to be a rock star of service and is dedicated to the Golden Rule, so expect to get some star treatment for yourself as well. Growing up in a small town, this go-getter single mom was ready for the land of opportunity, earning her Bachelor’s while working full-time and raising her little girl – who, by the way, is her world. Expect warm, personal service - the sky is the limit for this rising star!

Jessica Velazquez Client Service Representative

Jessica comes to us from OptumRx, as a Nationally Licensed Pharmacy Technician. Jessica enjoys being around the people and work community at NREIG while she strives for accuracy as a Client Service Representative. Jessica loves spending time cooking dinner with family. She has been a vegetarian most of her life and is happy to see that influenced in her children. Jessica would enjoy a new house and likes spending time at home with her children and dogs.

Joni Stokes Client Service Representative

Known for her impeccable grammar skills, Joni Stokes prides herself as a great conversationalist and an approachable person when you get to know her. She enjoys spending her time with her husband and pets. Joni also spends her time volunteering for her church, the Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter, Avant/Crossword, and many more organizations.

Karen Dickens Sales Liaison

What are your professional goals? I've been in the insurance industry for almost ten years. My goal is to continue growing my knowledge in the field so I can advance, and one day get an opportunity to educate others.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why? I would transport myself anywhere in the world. I would love to be able to travel more!

What do you like most about working at NREIG? I love the energy, the people, and the fact that I get to work close to my daughter.

Kelly Duvall Client Service Representative

Kelly is a client representative for NREIG, she has been in the insurance industry for 7 years and is very focused on her career growth. When Kelly isn’t at work you can find her at her lake house in Tightwad, Missouri. She enjoys being an active member of her lake community and currently serves as the Treasurer for the community Home Owners Association. One of Kelly’s favorite projects is organizing the annual 4th of July event where they have a fishing contest, a parade, live entertainment and fireworks.

Kenisha Yurkovich Client Service Representative

If you want to have some fun, find Kenisha. She is always on a new adventure with friends. Give this country girl some cowgirl boots and an ATV and she’ll travel. She’s also kind of obsessed with her kitten Gemma who, by the way, is a model. Not only is Kenisha fun to be around, but she is also a pro at her role in the company – this true Tracker Master zips right through any task without sacrificing accuracy. What can we say, the girl’s got it all.

Kim Benedick Client Service Representative

If you ask Kim she never thought she would have been able to pass Series 6 and 63 exams, but she did it! (Ask her sometime what those are…!) With a background in finance and insurance, she found “the best insurance company in the world” and manages one of our biggest accounts. We really do enjoy having Kim here because she is very pleasant and easy to talk to. Her belief that there is silver lining in everything is the foundation of her positive outlook in life, and she spreads her positivity to all around her.

Kristin Stead Learning and Development

We’re glad that Kristin came to “see what all the fuss was about.” Her love for service, gift of hospitality and sense of humor make clients love her, and she adds more smiles to our workday. Kristin is responsible for NREIG's development program and training of all new employees. She has close ties to her family but an itch to travel the world. For now, Kristin’s adventures happen at the park with her daughter or pushing herself at the gym. Ask her about the A21 Campaign or Mother’s Refuge, two of her favorite charities.

Kori Barnes Claims Associate

Kori Barnes, a Claims Associate with Affinity Loss Management Services, serves National Real Estate Insurance Group clients as a liaison with the respective program carriers throughout the claims process.  Kori has been with the family of Affinity Worldwide companies for three years in several capacities and she brings these experiences full circle in her role with ALMS.

Kristi Costanzo Team Support

What do you like about being a Team Support member? As a Team Support member, you are responsible for the accuracy of client's accounts. This requires one to be detail oriented and methodical, which are my greatest strengths!

What would be impossible for you to give up? Reading! I love to be transported to other settings through different books.

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do? I would travel EVERYWHERE!

Lanita Trotter Client Service Representative

Lanita has always worked around real estate throughout her career. Helping clients and problem solving give her a sense of satisfaction throughout the day. Lanita likes to cook and entertain family and friends in her spare time and travel when she can. Her biggest accomplishment is raising her daughter and seeing her graduate from college.

Lawrence On Sales Agent

Born in Tulsa Oklahoma, Lawrence moved to Kansas City in 1994 with his family to start up a business. He is known for his laid back attitude and his efficient work ethic. Lawrence is passionate about connecting with peers and clients, valuing communication on both a professional and personal level. He also enjoys seeing his co-workers and volunteering for either St. Jude's or a Try Hockey for Free day camp where young children are taught how to play hockey. When he is not at work, Lawrence loves to spend his time at home with his dog, at the jiu jitsu gym, or at the ice rink.

Lindsey Tubbs Sales Agent

What are you most passionate about professionally? Helping my clients understand insurance so they can make educated decisions about their coverages, and feel like their properties are in good hands.

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy? I would buy a cul-de-sac of houses for my family and friends so we could all be close to each other.

What sports are you interested in? I love volleyball! I play at least twice a week and all day on Sundays. I’m hoping to get an NREIG volleyball team started, too.

Marie O’Dell-Bowman Account Manager

Marie is as nice as they come. She strives to treat everyone she meets with compassion and respect, and she demonstrates those abilities with co-workers and clients alike. She has raised two respectful sons, loves to sew and make quilts, and attends Bible studies at her church. Don’t let Marie’s warm personality fool you into thinking she isn’t a strong woman though. This optimistic gal is hooked on shooting sporting clays and practices all the time at improving her aim – watch your “6”.

Marissa Valdez Assistant to the Executive Vice President

What do you enjoy doing the most? I love watching my son play college baseball. I also enjoy what I do – not only do I get to learn about insurance, but real estate investing in general.

What would be impossible for you to give up? Diet Coke!

Michele Tucker Client Service Representative

Wanting to add some flair to your wardrobe? Michele can help you capture that Hollywood look. She has a wealth of experience with top names like Coach, Michael Kors and BCBG/MAXAZRIA. Michele loves talking about her goals and is on the fast track to earning her degree in Business Management. What keeps her grounded is her faith as this former varsity track star certainly has winged shoes. We’re curious to see what she can achieve as she certainly has been fast off the blocks here at AGM!

Monica White Account Manager

Monica is fairly new to the company, but we feel like we have known her forever. Her relationship building skills shine when forming connections with potential clients, as she is both knowledgeable and easy-going. Monica received both her Associates and Bachelor’s degrees with Honors. This smart gal recognizes the importance of family and spends most of her free time with her nephew. She has the cutest stories about this little fella so we don’t mind her talking our ears off about him one bit.

Monica Winkles Client Service Representative

This mom of 3 likes her coffee strong in the morning, but still wishes she could brew it with Red Bull to give her even stronger wings. Monica has a creative side and is passionate about painting and makeup. She loves to practice her hand at silhouette paintings and on occasion likes to doll up her friends for a night out. This former CNA will make sure that you are in helpful hands whenever you need service on your account.

Nick Van Bibber National Sales Advisor

Nick aspires to live life to its fullest and also loves baseball. He was a starting pitcher for Fort Hays State University and has coached at the high school level. Aside from baseball, he is also very proficient when it comes to insurance. His clients say that he is personal, easy to get along with and makes the process go smoothly. We would happen to agree! When Nick isn’t taking in a Chiefs, Mizzou or Royals game with friends or family, you may find him out supporting the Knights of Columbus.

Precious Williams Account Manager

Precious is one of our tenured employees and is also a freelance makeup artist. She followed her first passion growing up and has become quite the master when it comes to making people look and feel good. Precious carries that passion into the insurance world where she makes clients feel good about doing business with her and the Program. She truly has her clients’ best interests at heart.

Robin Peterson CARe Coordinator

What are you most passionate about personally? Photography, and the arts in general. I love original works of art, and spend time at museums around the city.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why? To leap tall buildings in a single bound. Why? Because it sounds fun and I'm short.

Rebecca Callahan Client Service Representative

Rebecca Callahan is passionate about educating, building confidence, and providing a comfortable atmosphere for clients. She is also a flower gardening enthusiast in her free time.

Rob Woodring Team Leader

What do you like most about working at NREIG? I love the family atmosphere here – it’s nice to have such a great support system at the work place.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in the small farming community of Pattonsburg, MO. My father brought his family back to the Midwest after retiring from the Navy. I decided to move because I wanted more options, and to be in the city.

Samantha Johnson Assistant Manager of ALMS

Samantha Johnson is the Assistant Manager of Affinity Loss Management Services (ALMS).  Samantha manages program claims as an intermediary between National Real Estate Insurance Group clients and the respective carriers.  Her extensive knowledge of the unique program coverages, policy language and claims processes makes her a valuable member of the Affinity Enterprise.

Sandie Benedick Communications Specialist

With her easy going personality and positive outlook on life Sandie is a breeze to work with. Her smiling face is a welcome uplift on a Monday morning or tired afternoon. You will definitely enjoy talking with this social butterfly. Maybe that’s where she gets her love for dragonflies. You find many of them at her lake house where she spends most of her free time. She also likes spoiling her grandson Greyson, taking a motorcycle ride with her husband and doing volunteer work with special-needs kids.

Seciley Keck Sales Liaison

What are your most recent professional accomplishments? I am a member of the National Realtors Association. I have recently obtained Real Estate, and Property and Casualty licenses.

How do you enjoy spending time outside of work? I love spending time with my Husband and our three dogs, riding and training horses, traveling (especially road trips), and waiting for football season.

What do you like the most about working at NREIG? Our NREIG team is not just and group of co-workers, it is like a family. We work hard, achieve great things and have fun at the same time.

Shane Soutter Team Support

Shane comes to us with a B.S. in Digital Media Productions from the University of Central Missouri. He thoroughly enjoys videography and video editing. One of Shane's biggest accomplishments is a documentary he directed, filmed, and edited called "A Place in History" which aired on KMOS-TV (PBS)! Shane also enjoys connecting with his co-workers and spending time with family when he is not at work.

Sophia Buckley Client Service Representative

Sophia is a representative of 2 companies within the Enterprise and is a licensed Insurance Agent. She recently just received her Real Estate License this year as well. Sophia is a problem solver, a trainer, and loves helping others be more successful and collective individuals. She also enjoys spending time at home with her daughter Lili and spending time practicing Krav Maga at the Warriors Academy. Sophia’s favorite volunteer service opportunity was being involved with The Rose Brooks Center where they raised money and awareness.

Stacey Todd CARe Manager

Stacey is a woman of many pursuits. She puts her entrepreneurial skills to work at her company CHB Photography, where she captures the life events of weddings, graduating seniors and families. She is also working towards a degree in business with an emphasis in Human Resources. Somehow, she also manages to raise a family and volunteer at her local church. Her natural knack for efficiency makes her a perfect fit for her role with AGM.

Tabitha Hinchcliff Billings Specialist

What are you the most passionate about personally? I love crafting! I also love being a mother. My family is very important to me.

Any volunteer activities you are crazy about? I help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Tammy DeWinter Client Service Representative

Tammy is a very dependable and hard worker. She is very passionate about helping clients with all their needs. Tammy was born right here in Kansas City and was definitely "Raised Royal". She loves spending time with her family, friends and their pets at their lake home. When she is not on the water, you will find her in the kitchen making sure everyone has plenty of goodies. At the end of a fun filled day, relaxing by a campfire is a must! As she says “ Life is better at the Lake”.

Thomas (T.J.) Morris Sales Manager

TJ has been in sales for most of his life and has even owned his own business. If TJ were to win a lottery he would buy a membership to Augusta National Golf Course which hosts annual Masters Tournament- one of the four major championships in professional golf. Needless to say he is a huge golf fan! If TJ could have one super power, he would like to have an ability to steal other super powers- this smart cat likes the idea of having them all!

Tyler Parks Client Service Representative

After growing up in the country outside of Gower, Missouri, Tyler now lives in the heart of Kansas City. He is passionate about connecting with people and serving those in need. He enjoys his family, faith, many different sports, and homemade BBQ. During his time outside of work, you can find Tyler spending it with his wife, his pets, and his new baby (coming November 2017). He also loves to be behind the grill smoking meats and making some good ol' KC BBQ.

Valerie Schaffer CARe Coordinator

Hoping one day to win the lottery to purchase a one way ticket to Hawaii, Valerie is a hard worker and is excited to be in a growing company. She is grateful for the friendships she has made and thankful for her friend Kristin for referring her. Valerie loves going to church, doing yoga, and spending time with her son visiting nursing homes and playing bingo with the residents.