Is It Covered - Named Storms

Is It Covered? Named Storm

If you have properties in coastal locations, it’s not always clear if you have coverage when a tropical storm or hurricane comes through. The force of the winds, rain driven by those winds, storm surge and flooding can often be … Read More

Is It Covered - Burst Pipes

Is It Covered? Burst Pipes

Many people think they are automatically covered for Water Damage that results from a burst pipe at their investment property. The fact is, Water Damage from a burst pipe is not covered under the Basic Form, but only under the … Read More

Is It Covered - Theft & Vandalism

Is It Covered? Theft and Vandalism

There are several layers of confusion relating to coverage for Theft and Vandalism. First, many people are unclear about what constitutes Theft versus Vandalism or even Burglary. Another confusion is whether the Theft, Vandalism and Burglary coverages are available under … Read More