How To Control Your Insurance Costs in 2018

After an active 2017, the state of the habitational insurance market is at perhaps its most volatile point in close to a decade. With three major hurricanes (Harvey, Irma and Maria) and the California mudslides causing damage into the billions, … Read More

Is It Covered: Burst Pipes

Welcome to Affinity Loss Prevention Services “It’s Not Covered” series. For a fuller introduction of the series, read HERE. We hope these quick reads help you increase your understanding of your insurance coverage, clear up confusion and avoid preventable … Read More

How to Insure Your “Subject to” Property

It is a commonly misunderstood challenge: clarifying the timeless issue of how to properly insure a “subject to” property.

The obvious dilemma is the “Due on Sale” (DOS) clause being invoked and the mortgage company calling the note.

Though seemingly
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