What follows are some tips and resources that we hope you will find useful during the recovery efforts.

Your first priority: Keep yourself, property managers and tenants safe by following the instructions given by local authorities regarding travel through affected areas and visiting damaged properties.

Visit your affected location(s) as soon as safely possible: Take photographs of the damages. Please note that it is your responsibility per the insurance policy to mitigate any further damage by taking all reasonable precautions to ensure the security of your property. Any mitigation expenses you incur for a covered loss will be considered part of your claim. Some examples include water extraction, roof tarping and securing the property.

Clean Up Tips from Ready.gov and FEMA

  • Always wear protective clothing including long-sleeved shirts, long pants, rubber or plastic gloves and waterproof boots or shoes.
  • Before entering your home, look outside for damaged power lines, gas lines and other exterior damage.
  • Take photos of your damage before you begin clean up and save repair receipts.
  • Turn off main electrical power and water systems and don’t use gas appliances until a professional can ensure they are safe.
  • Check all ceilings and floors for signs of sagging or other potentially dangerous structural damage.
  • For more information, visit “Staying Safe After a Tornado” pages on Ready.gov and the CDC

Local Storm Response Information

Arkansas Division of Emergency Management
Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Indiana Emergency Management and Preparedness Division
Kentucky Emergency Management
Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
Tennessee Emergency Management Agency

Visit FEMA.gov for other helpful links and information.

To Report Damage or File a Claim

To formally initiate the claims process for damage caused by these weather events, please complete the link below, providing as much information as possible.

To learn more about the claims process, click here.

Our thoughts and prayers for recovery are with you and all those affected by these tornadoes.