Our Storage Tenant Protector Plan is coverage for storage unit renters’ contents. This product can be purchased directly by the renter, or by the facility owner to bundle into your monthly rent payment. Pay-as-you-go monthly only for what you need.

Coverage Overview:

Covered Perils

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Wind/Hail
  • Lightning
  • Theft/Vandalism*

Transit Coverage

  • $1000 sublimit

Vermin Coverage

  • $1000 sublimit

$1,000 Deductible

Optional Additional Endorsements

Mildew, Fungus, Bacteria, Wet or Dry Rot

Replacement Cost Settlement

Additional endorsements are $1 each per unit per month.


**Provided theft is a result of forced entry into a properly locked storage space

Exclusions apply, see policy for details

Choose the amount of coverage you want:

Coverage Limit Unit Rate
$10,000 $40/mo
$9,000 $36/mo
$8,000 $32/mo
$7,000 $28/mo
$6,000 $24/mo
$5,000 $20/mo
$4,000 $17/mo
$3,000 $13/mo
$2,000 $10/mo

For Storage Facility Owners:

If you would like to offer this coverage as part of your lease agreement, we offer an Affiliate Marketing Program for Self-Storage. To learn more, email info@nreig.com.

If you would like to explore our property and liability coverage for your facility, click here.