Renters’ Insurance and Rent Guarantee for Your Tenants 

As a landlord, it can be as important to ensure your tenant has appropriate insurance as yourself. Your tenant’s insurance can protect your interest as well as their own, and your tenant’s financial security maintains their ability to continue timely rent payments.

We typically recommend that you require your tenants to carry Renters’ Insurance. For their benefit, this policy covers their personal property in the event of a covered peril loss. It also provides reimbursement for additional living expenses while they may be unable to live in their rented home. It can also protect them legally should they be responsible for the injury of someone on the premises and they are sued.

For your benefit, if your tenant’s negligence causes damage to your property, your property carrier can recover some or all of their claims payout from their tenant’s Renters’ Insurance. Reducing your loss history for damages that are no fault of your own (like a kitchen fire) can help protect you from increases to your property rates.

NREIG has partnered with Get Covered to provide you with a resource for Renters’ Insurance that your tenants can easily purchase online. Tenants can choose from various limits for their personal property beginning at $10,000, and a choice of $50,000 or $100,000 limit of liability. The policy also includes “Loss of Use” (as a percentage of your contents coverage depending on state) to help maintain your living expenses, and $500, $1,000 or $2,000 for medical payments for injury to others.

In addition, tenants can choose to add the following coverages:

  • Pet Damage

Up to $500 (in excess of the security deposit or special pet deposit) for damage to your property caused by your tenant’s pet. You may consider requiring this additional coverage if you allow pets in your lease. There is also an option for an Animal Liability Buy Back, which increases the liability protection for the insured by $50,000 when their pet is responsible for property damage.

  • Water Backup

Extends the tenant’s personal property coverage in the event of damage caused by the backup of water or sewer that begins off premises.  

  • Identity Fraud

Up to $5,000 for expenses incurred as a result of identity fraud.

  • Bed Bug

Provides coverage to the tenant to treat, remediate, and eliminate a bed bug infestation.

  • Forced Entry Theft Discount

This option provides a 10% discount in exchange for the requirement that for theft losses to be paid there be physical evidence of forced entry and a police report.

  • Tenants Additional Protection

Increase your Loss of Use coverage to 40% of your Personal Property coverage limit.

Through our partnership with Get Covered, tenants (or you the landlord) also have the option of purchasing a Rent Guarantee. This innovative coverage helps your tenant pay their rent if they lose their job unexpectedly or become disabled and unable to work. There is a choice or 3, 6, or 12 months of rent guarantee. The cost is based on the chosen length and monthly rent amount, but can provide peace of mind for both you and your tenant that they can continue to pay their rent.

Your tenant can explore these options and purchase coverage at


Not a complete list of coverages and limits. Does not cover maintenancenormal wear and tearintentional damage, or misplaced property. Subject to additional exclusions 

Coverages, limits and options may vary by state, see policy for details.