Insurance products for real estate investors

NREIG aims to be the one stop shop for real estate investors' insurance needs. We offer the following products:

Residential Investment Property Program

The largest program in the country for real estate investment properties from single family homes up to 20 unit multifamily locations, including condos, mobile homes and vacation rentals. Whether tenant-occupied, vacant or under renovation, our month-to-month program simplifies your property portfolio of any size onto one schedule and bill.

The program features flexible options for included coverage, plus you can customize your insurance package with a suite of optional standalone ancillary products.


Program Highlights

  • Basic and Special form coverage options
  • Replacement Cost coverage begins when insuring at or above $120 per square foot
  • Minimum of $75 per square foot of coverage with no co-insurance penalty
  • Liability limits start at $1 mil per occurrence/$2 mil annual aggregate

Products For Your Tenant

As a landlord, it can be as important to ensure your tenant has appropriate insurance as yourself. Your tenant’s insurance can protect your interest as well as their own, and your tenant’s financial security maintains their ability to continue timely rent payments.
Through strategic partnerships, NREIG has the following products available for your tenants.