NREIG is more to our clients than policies and contracts. The NREIG team is dedicated to being an ally and advisor in the investing journey; the shield that protects from the unforeseen and support that empowers our clients to succeed. We strive to bring innovative products and solutions to the under-served investor market, staying ahead of client needs, and helping to simplify the insurance process every step of the way.

Leadership Team

Shawn Woedl
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Brooke Beets
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Paul Zahensky
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Jerry Samson
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Jacqui Price
EVP, Compliance
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Kay Moore
SVP, Administrative Services
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Julie Prewitt
SVP, Marketing
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Katelyn Williams
VP, Retail Agent Program
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Tim Norris

Tim Norris

As both an active real estate investor and insurance agent, Tim Norris understood that the investor market was severely under-served by the insurance industry. In 2008, he founded NREIG to specifically address the unique needs of this audience. He continues to invest in single-family homes as well as commercial property, and is a recipient of the R.W. Carstens Humanities Award. Tim resides in the Austin area with his wife and three children.