Ordinance or Law

Ordinance or Law coverage for investment properties

Many lenders are beginning to require Ordinance or Law coverage on residential rental properties. Ordinance or Law provides additional coverage following a loss if it is determined that your building does not meet city or county building code requirements and needs to be upgraded before you can reoccupy the location. National Real Estate Insurance Group offers property insurance policies that include Ordinance or Law coverage to help cover these additional expenses.

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What can Ordinance or Law Insurance cover?

Ordinance or Law Coverage is often referred to as “bring up to code” coverage because it offers additional reimbursement needed due to enforcement of local ordinances or laws regulating construction and repair of damaged buildings.

Imagine you have a partial loss on two units of a fourplex. The county inspection determines the building does not have hard-wired smoke detectors to meet current code, requiring updates to all four units. Ordinance or Law coverage can step in to help cover these updates to the undamaged portion of the building, expenses if the entire building needs to be demolished and/or increased cost of construction if the property limit is not sufficient to meet code standards.

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