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Earth Movement coverage for investment properties

An Earth Movement supplemental policy provides additional protection for sinkhole and earthquake shock perils often excluded on property insurance for your real estate investment properties. National Real Estate Insurance Group offers Earth Movement coverage to help protect your properties.

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What does Earth Movement insurance cover?

Earth Movement coverage helps protect your properties from damage caused by an earthquake, a sudden and violent shaking of the ground resulting from movement of the earth’s crust. What makes this product especially beneficial is that it also provides sinkhole coverage, naturally occurring depression in the surface of the ground caused by the settlement or sudden collapse of land.

Earth Movement coverage is available in 45 states. Exceptions include Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii and Illinois.

Can I get Earth Movement coverage as a stand-alone option?

Earth Movement coverage provides additional protection for sinkhole and earthquake shock. You can purchase Earth Movement coverage as a stand-alone option. Request a proposal or call 888.741.8454 to discuss your proposal with one of our licensed insurance professionals.

How much does Earth Movement insurance cost?

Insurance costs for Earth Movement coverage can start as low as $10 per month, per property and vary based on the value and location of the property. Because of our monthly reporting form, you can pay for coverage monthly, never paying for more than you need.

Why choose us for Earth Movement Coverage?

Add more coverage to Earth Movement insurance

National Real Estate Insurance Group has property and liability insurance solutions to accommodate just about any type of investment properties. After you request a proposal, an agent will contact you to discuss the best coverages for your business.

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