The best time to prepare is before hurricane season begins. As a renter, taking certain precautions can ensure the safety of everyone staying at the property and your belongings. Use the following from our Tenant Hurricane Preparation Checklist when preparing for and experiencing severe weather.

Before the Storm

  • Prepare a to-go bag that is easily accessible. Include at least 72 hours’ worth of the following for your entire household.
    • Medication, water, nonperishable foods, and pet supplies.
  • Create an emergency plan with everyone living in the home – meeting spots, alternate routes, pet responsibilities, etc.
  • Fill the car’s gasoline tank in case evacuation becomes necessary.
  • Ensure cell phones are fully charged.
  • Bring inside any furniture, yard ornaments, or play equipment that could act as a dangerous projectile.
  • Consider purchasing a renters insurance policy. Your personal property is not covered by any insurance the owner carries on the property.

During the Storm

  • If local authorities advise a “shelter in place,” get inside as quickly as possible.
    • Close and lock all windows and doors. Shut all storm shutters.
    • In case of high winds, go to a small, windowless room on the lowest level.
    • If flood waters rise to dangerous levels, go to the highest level of the building and call 911. Do not climb into a closed attic, as you may become trapped.
    • Continue to listen for updated emergency information and instructions.
  • If advised to evacuate, do so immediately. Do not drive around barricades. Stay off bridges over fast-moving water.
  • If in a mobile or manufactured home, get out and go to the nearest shelter. Do not walk, swim, or drive through flood waters.
  • If you have evacuated the area, stay put. Do not go back to the affected area until local authorities advise it is safe to return.
  • Stay informed by listening to or watching local broadcasts or using the FEMA Mobile App.


Download the Tenant Hurricane Preparation Checklist.