While insurance policies are probably not the most popular item on your reading list, it’s critical to understand what is covered and what’s not. Knowing what is not covered allows you to take proactive steps to prevent losses where you will bear the full weight of the expense. To have your property damaged by an event you could have prevented is frustrating but suffering a preventable loss and then finding out the loss is not covered is doubly painful, and, could potentially take you out of business.

Industry-wide exclusions for property insurance aren’t the only areas of a policy that generate confusion. For example, there are instances where certain risks may be covered, but only under specific circumstances. These may feel like “gray” areas of your policy. Along with addressing standard coverage exclusions, we want to bring clarity to these “gray” areas too. Accordingly, we have named the series “Is It Covered?”, a question we may answer with yes, no…or maybe. Our only caveat: keep in mind that policies may vary. Always check your own policy for language specific to your covered property. If you have questions, consult your agent, who should be eager to help you.

Some of the topics are very basic and you may find yourself wondering, “Who doesn’t know this?”, but if we are writing about a particular coverage or exclusion, it’s because someone has reported a loss of that nature and it wasn’t always easy to determine if it was covered. Our goal is to deliver easy-to-digest content to help you avoid such losses. Hopefully, you will find these quick reads to be educational, and maybe even entertaining.

If you are reading our newsletter or articles on this site, you may have sidestepped a loss or two and we’re glad. If you have questions or solutions that you have used in your business, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at info@nreig.com. We hope that you will find the “Is It Covered?” series informative and valuable to your investing life.