Rent Default Insurance for landlords

Landlord Rent Default insurance can protect you and your real estate investment from income interruption resulting from tenant’s default on rent payment. Whether you want 6 weeks or 6 month of coverage, National Real Estate Insurance Group has options to fit your needs.

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What does Landlord Rent
Default insurance cover?

  • Tenant stops paying rent and is evicted from the rental unit
  • Tenant abandons rental unit and disappears
  • Tenant breaks up with boyfriend and breaks the lease
  • Tenant dies and no one is left to pay rent
  • Tenant is called for military service and has to break the lease

What is

  • Tenant stops paying rent because the rental unit becomes uninhabitable due to damages to the property or the surroundings
  • Tenant breaks the lease because the landlord did not comply with the lease terms or with building codes
  • Landlord and tenant agree to terminate the lease
  • Any loss of rent after the lease expires
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Where is

Coverage is available in the states highlighted in green.

Landlord Rent Default Coverage Map

Who is Steady Insurance Agency?

Steady Insurance Agency is a leading Program Manager and Underwriting Manager for Landlord Rent Default Insurance. Steady Insurance Agency works with an A.M. Best A+ rated and Fortune 100 company to underwrite this coverage. We have partnered with Steady Insurance to bring you Landlord Rent Default insurance.

How much does Landlord Rent Default Insurance cost?

The premium for Landlord Rent Default Insurance depends on a rental unit’s address, monthly rent amount, and the amount of coverage you select. You can choose to cover from 6 weeks to 6 months of lost rental income during a 1-year policy period. For example, the estimated annual premium for a rental unit in Orlando, renting at $1,500/month, would be around $240/year to cover for up to 3 months of lost rental income.

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Landlord Rent Default insurance indemnifies landlords for loss of rent resulting from a tenant defaulting on rent payment obligations. Protect your rental income with the Landlord Rent Default insurance and get a peace of mind knowing that you can guarantee your lease performance.

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Coverage options with National Real Estate Insurance Group

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