Our Insurance Program streamlines your insurance needs.

Whether you have one property or thousands, NREIG simplifies your insurance experience. Our renowned Program was designed for investors with one to twenty unit investment properties in all stages of occupancy across all 50 states. We can now accommodate vacation rentals as well.


Insurance protection for covered properties may cover losses caused by:

Weather: lightning, windstorm, hail, volcanic action

Non-weather: riot and civil commotion, vandalism, aircraft and vehicles, smoke

Sudden/Accidental: fire, explosion, sprinkler leakage

With Special Form coverage, your insurance may cover losses caused by:

Falling objects, weight of snow, ice or sleet

Water damage, collapse, theft and risk of direct physical loss

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As a landlord and a business owner, you are always at risk of a lawsuit. Liability damages can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

NREIG offers liability solutions to help protect your entity from costly legal battles up to a certain limit. Premises Liability covers events that occur on the real property, specifically bodily injury and property damage to a third party. Premises Liability coverage is included on all locations within our Insurance Program. Your sales agent can advise an adequate amount of liability coverage and may recommend an additional Umbrella Policy to provide extra financial protection for your business.

What makes our Program unique?


Need Something Different?

Our commercial products provide insurance coverage for nearly any type of investment property you
can imagine – apartment buildings, retail shops, office buildings and more.